Week 11: Mashups – Play “Grey Eyes” and ‘”Good Night”

Good nightGrey Eyes Mashup

Option 1: Create an image mashup

For this week’s activity, I created a mashup of images, including sheet music images from the State Library of ‘Soldiers of the Willow’ and ‘Grey Eyes’, as well as some other images previously taken (a distorted image of a carpark).

I quite enjoyed this activity, particularly the software of ‘pixlr’, although at some points it was challenging. For example, the ‘adjustment’ and ‘filter’ terms utilised in the program involved me needing to explore and “trial” what it would look like due to its unfamiliarity.

Soldiers of the Willow

Grey Eyes

Good Night


2 responses to “Week 11: Mashups – Play “Grey Eyes” and ‘”Good Night”

  1. Ah, Pixlr. Love it. For those of us too cheap to buy Photoshop (or too morally upstanding to torrent it) it’s pretty much the next best bet. As far as web-based image editors go, it’s exceptionally hard to beat. I’ve used it for all manner of projects, even creating book covers from time to time. It’s remarkable just how much it can do, especially Pixlr Advanced

    • I agree, it really is an exceptional piece of web software. I was quite surprised it was free and without requiring any sign up at all. I did not consider it but of course creating book covers would be within the realm of its capabilities. How did you first find Pixlr and how did you navigate around the functions of the software?

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