Week 7, Play: Instagram ‘7 photos in 7 days’

photoPlay Activity: “7 Photos in 7 Days”

This play activity presented a challenge for me to take and post seven images in seven days (one for each day) through Instagram or Flickr.

I chose the option of utilising Instagram because it is conveniently an app on my smart phone in addition to a camera and therefore it seemed to be the most efficient and effective way of completing the task. Also, I realised that I rarely ever carry an actual camera with me, and I realised that at some points the photos I take will be quite impromptu and on impulse. Therefore, I thought it best to rely on my smartphone app to complete this task.

I was already feeling some trepidation in beginning the use of a new app, even if it seems quite similar to Twitter and social media forums that I have used. However, I have found that it is less about actually using the program (how to use it and so on) that is difficult, rather it is the photos that I take is. I have been completing this task for the last three days, and so far the images that I have taken and provided are one of a hallway, a tree on a university campus, a shoe rack and a shelf of books. I quite like the images I took as they are all things that are quite meaningful to me personally. However, I have been starting to think about what these images say about me – and probably to follow this, is whether I need to be concerned about what they (the images) say. Do you I need to be careful about what I post to protect my family or friends security? Do I need to be careful of the captions that I place – some forms of bad etiquette like swear words and the like, are no issue – but what if I posted funny social commentary on something political? Who will see it? This is a forum to share, but what does it mean if I monitor what I share? At the present, I have posted things that are objects but for some reason, although there is some security in being able to choose the contacts who see your posts, it feels more public and for that I feel cautious.

Overall though despite this, I am having an enjoyable time completing the activity of taking seven photos for seven days. Unfortunately, I find it hard sometimes to know what to take so that the photo will be meaningful or significant. Contributing to this may also be the awareness that using Instagram has not yet become habitual like Twitter and Facebook, therefore I have forgotten when I have been taken to “photo rich” places to actually take a photo. I hope that as I reach the conclusion of the activity and perhaps beyond, that Instagram will have a greater importance for my personal and professional life as I recognise that it has many valuable benefits.


3 responses to “Week 7, Play: Instagram ‘7 photos in 7 days’

  1. Hi Ruth.
    I think that you raise some really good questions around the tags. self-monitoring, and public setting. I used Flickr but I, too, was uncertain about the etiquette for such sites. I think that people don’t generally consider this so thoroughly and some may post tags, descriptions or pictures with swearwords even when it is set to public which could be damaging to children.
    I also love your point about protecting friends and family. I know that I hate it when people post photos of me on Facebook without asking for permission and I have a feeling that this would work on a similar basis. Unless permission is granted, it probably isn’t very polite to post their photo (although I doubt that this is illegal).
    I think that the security of these sites is no more or less flimsy than that of Facebook and Twitter and, as such, I for one am going to try to follow similar guidelines to ensure that I do not harm anyone in the process! 🙂

    • Hi Dominique,

      Thank you for your comment. I must admit sometimes I am concerned about the level of security of some sites, despite them being of similar standing. I personally had a fright the other day when a computer virus attacked, and despite having (what I thought to be) proper protection for the computer it was not so. The virus was however quite convincing as a “protection software” and thankfully I was aware of it. I fixed the problem, but it does make you conscious of what can appear that is not what it says it is.

      I think it sometimes must be a feeling, a sense of something not being right, that can alert someone to breaking some sort of ‘etiquette code’. I agree though, sometimes people may not generally think through things when they post words, and I have heard stories where this can indirectly effect job opportunities, with potential bosses view applicants’ facebook profiles. I think generally ‘causing harm’ by not gaining permission is accidental, but I must admit I am being more vigilant with what I post too by following some personal guidelines based upon what I have read 🙂

  2. I apologise for the lateness of this message.

    To see the images that I have posted during the seven days of Week 7, please refer to instagram and search for user ‘ruthiemarieev’ with the hashtag #inn333.

    Over the seven days I have enjoyed posting images of:
    Day 1: The Hallway.
    Day 2: “Shoesies” – your shoes, my shoes, pink shoes, old shoes, new shoes. (And a lonely umbrella).
    Day 3: UQ Tree from Darwin’s
    Day 4: Books and the teddies keeping them company 🙂
    Day 5: The masses are ascending from the buses 🙂
    Day 6: At our brekky table at Papaw 🙂
    Day 7: Coffee and tea, and wooden floor.

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