Week 6: Social Networking ‘Play’ Organisations that Utilise Social Networking Sites

The Week 6 ‘Play’ Activity

Organisations that utilise Facebook and other social networking sites.
This was published as a Facebook post in the INN333 community.

Hello everyone!

For my week 6 play activity, I would like to share with you the information agency of TED. It appears the predominant purpose of their presence in this social media forum is to inform of events, reflect on TED talks that were made and additionally to encourage people to think about things. For example, they posted a question to encourage feedback on, “What are some simple life hacks you use that everybody should know about?”

I think it is a wonderful use of Facebook, which ties into their role of presenting interesting, insightful and creative thoughts and ideas (most observably seen through the TED talks conferences). Probably the only consideration of what to improve would be its organisation of the material, as it is a bit confusing to navigate what the topics are. However, I think by nature TED is open to all types of ideas and reflective thoughts.


Additionally I found this information agency that had a Facebook account which appeared to be quite popular and favourable. I couldn’t resist putting this in. I found a Walt Disney Family Museum facebook page, which is an interesting forum communication between fans and the “experts” of this page. It covers interesting and “quirky” aspects of the Disney films and also the technical methods utilised for the animation process, as well as keeping those who have “liked” the page to be aware of events occurring at, or related to, the museum and its artefacts. For example, the site embeds videos of Disney’s life, Disney film clips, images of art, children’s literature events, and tutorials. This was posted on the page:

The Walt Disney Family Museum

May 23.

Come hang out where the WILD THINGS are! “Maurice Sendak: 50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons” is our new exhibition, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sendak’s famed children’s book, and is open TODAY!! http://www.waltdisney.org/sendak



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