Grimm’s Tales

Grimm’s Tales

The Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales has played a significant role in communicating messages and morals generally through starting with… ‘Once upon a time’. As the original folk tales and stories have been adapted and changed across time and many mediums so has its value.

  1. 10 Facts about the Brothers Grimm
  2. Philip Pullman on Grimm’s fairy tales
  3. In the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella, the evil step sisters cut off their toes to fit into the wooden shoe. How’s that for wicked?
  4. The Sisters Grimm series: fractured fairy tales for #mylittlebookcase – this is the 6th book, first is…
  5. Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – video
  6. A modern “ending” to what would have happened if the events of the ‘Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’ had occurred during our time.
  7. A  collection of quotes about the meaning and value fairy tales had in their lives.
  8. Micro Sculptures by Willard Wigan
  9. A micro sculpture by the artist Willard Wigan depicts the Walt Disney
    characters from the ‘Princess and the Frog’ inside the eye of a needle.
    The ‘Princess and the Frog’ is an adaption from the Grimm Brother’s
    story of ‘The Frog Prince’.
    To see and hear more of this artist’s
    story please refer to the link below which Willard Wigan’s presentation
    at the TED Talks conference in 2009.
  10. An adaptation of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ version written by the Grimm’s Brothers.
  11. The ‘Evil Queen’ depicted by Walt Disney in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’
  12. Prior to the completion of Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ multiple names were  brainstormed for the dwarfs.
  13. Once Upon A Time Season 1 Bonus – Story I Remember
  14. The cast members of ‘Once Upon A Time’ share their experiences with the classic tale of ‘Snow White’.
  15. Are Grimm’s Fairy Tales too twisted for children?… #literature #culture
  16. Grimm’s Fairy Tales – in miniature. – via @Etsy

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