Week 3: Play – Microblogging

My understanding of Twitter has developed predominantly through exploration, however this week I was encouraged to complete specific tasks to familiarise myself with the program. Although it was not a large “leap” to immerse myself with this form of microblogging, I did notice some gaps in my knowledge that I was not aware of, such as a ‘saved search’. I particularly enjoyed the activity of learning about ‘collection fishing’ and contributing to this forum. Throughout this week I have noticed that progressively the concept of microblogging, particularly Twitter, and it is now less daunting. I think, which is also familiar to what I have read, the concern of its value is in not recognising and understanding the full nature of a microblogging system. Based upon this week I consider that engaging on a more focused level with Twitter has encouraged me to gain a larger perception of its worth for communication and sharing.


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